Telehealth Leading To A New Opportunity

TelehealthTelehealth Leading To A New Opportunity

At Virtual Training Associates (VTA), our inspiration can come from most any source. As we are so involved in ethics, and teaching organizations about choices, consequences and ethical behavior, we have come to understand that every industry relies on good ethics.

From accounting to healthcare, the world has seen a virtual explosion (yes, the pun is intentional) in unethical behavior. The lockdown, now semi-lockdown I suppose, brought out some of the worst behaviors relating to frauds and scams we have experienced in decades.

Speaking of healthcare, VTA was reviewing some of the latest trends in that field just the other day and we were interested in a new partnership between the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) and the American Board of Telehealth.

The partnership is intended to increase access to the ever-expanding field of telemedical training models.  An interesting quote from Deanna Larson, a founding board member of the American Board of Telehealth states:

“We share a common goal with ATA. That is to weave telehealth into the everyday fabric of healthcare. By improving access to quality education, we can help ensure effective care for all patients, particularly those in rural and underserved communities.”

We can easily transfer Dr. Larson’s words to ethical training for organizations. In fact, the collaboration is resulting in a certificate program. The core concepts of the program include:

  • Introduction to telehealth.
  • Telepresence skills.
  • Technology.
  • Legal, regulatory and quality.
  • Licensing, credentialing and privileging.
  • Reimbursement.
  • Ethical considerations.


At This Time…

The certificate program in the area of telehealth is exciting though, from what I read, it is fraught with peril. Patients, especially those who are underserved or incapacitated, embrace the concept. However, funding remains in question. Obviously if patients can’t get reimbursed for a virtual medical visit, what it the point?

Nevertheless, the virtual certification especially with an ethical component increased our interest. It led to several office discussions in regard to the creation of virtual ethical certification as well as adding a virtual ethical component to other certification programs. Both approaches are important to address.

Virtual Ethical Certification

All indications at this point lead to a changed workplace model in 2021 and beyond. It won’t be all virtual as many predict, nor will it be a complete return. Efficiencies have been gained by allowing a reduction in physical office space and clearly video-conferencing has proven to be an effective communication device.

On the other hand, and as stated above, frauds, scams and other unethical activities, including bribery, thrived in 2020. Sexual harassment continued; abuse, workplace pornography and other inappropriate behaviors.

Now, more than ever, certifications in ethics are needed in the workplace. Virtual Training Associates can pull together a virtual series on workplace ethics for your organization.

Virtual Ethical Component

There are currently thousands of certification programs offered in a virtual sense. Virtual Training Associates can work with associations, organizations, colleges and universities to offer a customized ethics module to offer programming in regard to business ethics, sports ethics, the prevention of sexual harassment and workplace bribery. By partnering with VTA, your organization can add a low-cost, highly effective module and create an atmosphere of higher ethical awareness.

While virtual programming and offerings are guaranteed to vary, one thing is certain: unethical behaviors endure. We can offer solutions to bolster programs or to create an entire program.



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