VTA Studios Merge with Primeau Productions

Ed Primeau

For 34 years Ed Primeau and his team have been recognized as leading providers of video recording, editing, and production services throughout the United States. Chuck Gallagher, CSP is the founder of VTA Studios, in Greenville, SC, and provides professional video and audio recording for a variety of clients within the speaking profession and corporate video recording, editing, and production services.

With a strong diversity of clients such as Bob Seger, SiriusXM, Smithsonian Library, Kenny Aronoff, Connie Podesta, Steve Rizzo and a host of other professional speakers and corporate clients, Primeau Productions is a leader in commercial video production, video recording services, testimonial video production, Internet video production, and professional speaker demo videos.

As Ed Primeau is expanding his work with Primeau Forensics, it became natural to connect Primeau Productions with another outstanding Video/Audio Production company. Therefore, Ed Primeau and Chuck Gallagher are pleased to announce the merger of Primeau Productions and VTA Studios.

“I’m excited to work with Chuck to take Primeau Productions to the next level. His enthusiasm and excitement about creative, quality work help me know that as we move forward, Primeau Productions will be positioned to confidently increase our level of performance to meet our growing clients’ needs.”

Moving forward, Chuck and his team will manage the day to day operations of Primeau Productions. Ed Primeau will continue to work with Chuck in a variety of creative capacities.

Primeau productions
Chuck Gallagher on Primeau Productions

“With my background in speaking and the service I’ve provided through VTA Studios to a number of recognized speakers, I’m honored that Ed selected me and VTA Studios to connect with and I am proud to take the reins of Primeau Productions. I agree with Ed, together we’ll provide outstanding service to our clients, and I’m excited to expand our service opportunities into an ever-growing market where video is critical.”