Interaction is Key When Virtually Training

InteractionInteraction is Key When Virtually Training

Today, I would like to touch on remote learning challenges faced by CEOs and how these issues can be addressed. While Virtual Training Associates understands that 2021 will see as many as four, possibly five vaccines approved by the FDA, we also realize that several factors will still favor remote learning and that new learning methodologies we refined in 2020 have gained favor.

However, challenges to learning will remain and in order to convey dynamic information, such as corporate ethics, sports ethics or sexual harassment prevention, we all need to support an approachable learning mindset.

Let me explore challenges and ways to help overcome them:


  1. “No One Wants to Babysit!” Another way of saying this is that employees, who were once “force-marched” into classrooms, to receive training have largely been left alone. Because in-person instruction has been lost for about a year, some employees have taken on an attitude of indifference and disconnection with any online learning process. Re-engagement involves several factors including:
    1. Speakers and experts who are trained in virtual technologies
    2. Material that is relevant and important
    3. Exceptionally high production value
    4. Convincing staff of the consequences that could affect their poor choices
    5. Creating a dynamic learning environment with a high degree of interaction
  1. “How do I get trained on real-life problems?” In these, sort of, post-COVID times, larger organizations and associations have still not properly conveyed information about access to virtual training. Sometimes, even the simplest of questions about courses and seminars take unbelievable amounts of time to get answered. Everything, it seems, becomes a huge obstacle. The most jaded of managers might think, “OK, so we’ll put off ethical training and be done with it.” The problem with that thinking relates to my first point of a lack of engagement. Bribery scandals, unethical business behaviors, fraud and even remotely, sexual harassment are reportedly at an all-time high. If we allow employees and departments to spin out of control, so does the entire organization. Virtual Training Associates offers real-life solutions to overcoming the lack of dissemination of information. We can schedule multiple classes to meet needs, along with feedback scenarios, question and answer periods, and other scenarios. We work with organizations to solve all kinds of training problems.
  2. “I’m Alone. No one cares.” In 2020, organizations totally underestimated the impact of the social isolation interface from employee to team. When it comes to major ethical challenges or the potential for fraud and scandal to foment, isolation and disconnection may encourage unethical behaviors. Virtual training with heavy interaction has been proven highly effective in re-connecting those employees who feel isolated and disengaged.
  3. “Wake-up. Opportunity is Calling.” Virtual training has been shown to reduce at-home or away-from-office interruption and to encourage employees to return to the team mentality and give the interaction. Virtual training, if properly done, requires focus and concentration. A good virtual trainer teaching material that is relevant and engaging will awaken a lost sense of closeness.
  4. “I Care.” The real connection between a virtual trainer and the virtual audience must convey a sense of “I care,” as in, I care that you make wise choices for yourself, or I care that your choices – ethical or unethical – will affect your life. The I care proposition is an important message and feeling that tells the employee that every member of the team is valued and supported.
  5. Technical Challenges Are Not an Excuse. Virtual Training Associates began its ethical training quite some time ago. This is not a new venture for us. A major challenge in virtual training has been a lack of proper equipment and technical expertise to engage “the student” no matter how old the student or the subject being taught. Virtual Training Associates has invested in the highest quality production facilities and equipment in the industry.


When it comes to teaching ethics, the challenges that presented themselves in 2020 should not perpetuate into 2021. The topics of corporate ethics, sports ethics and sexual harassment prevention are far too important to allow challenges and inconvenience to get in the way. Virtual Training Associates can help your firm overcome the challenges.



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