5 Reasons Why Virtual Training Works for Gender Equality Training

genderWhile Virtual Training Associates (VTA) does not specialize in diversity, equity and inclusion training, we do teach ethical coursework that is quite allied such as the prevention of sexual harassment, related societal issues such as pay parity, gender equality and ethical training.

Can You Teach This?

We are often asked if these topics can be taught on a virtual basis. While we have a great deal of literature backing up the value of diversity training (the current classic in the McKinsey 2020 study), the McKinsey report also determined that when organizations re-doubled their efforts in terms of gender parity and sexual harassment training, the organization statistically outperformed those that didn’t.

There are at least 5 reasons as to why virtual training has proven so effective in teaching gender parity and sexual harassment prevention.

  1. Messaging – Obviously, information, expectations and actions in regard to parity must be fully disseminated. Many individuals, especially those in far-flung locations or remote workers, cannot attend meetings in person. Virtual training is the perfect way to level the knowledge playing field.
  2. Scheduling – We recognize that schedules conflict especially with shift workers, international time zones, hybrid office sharing (with specialized equipment) or whatever the reason. In addition to the fact that virtual can be flexible, it is also repeatable, backed-up by in-person learning or any other imaginable scenario. If a point or lesson needs to be repeated, it can be done so. This is often a necessity with reinforcing issues.
  3. Your turn – In-person meetings often have subtle – and not so subtle dynamics. Speaking about workplace bullying, gender discrimination, and even parity issues may create fear. Sometimes officious people dominate issues. As an experienced virtual trainer, we at Virtual Training Associates (VTA) can control the narrative, not allow a workplace bully or manager to dominate the conversation.
  4. It’s cheaper – Obviously, virtual remote learning is cheaper than bringing in a large staff for a meeting on gender parity and sexual harassment training. In fact, organizations are finding that repeat virtual programming or a follow-up session, is still cheaper than a single in-person meeting.
  5. The Quiet and Shy – We deeply respect those certain participants who are naturally quiet and shy. Unfortunately, some of those participants have been, or are the victims of harassment and abuse and are afraid to speak up in-person. Virtual Training Associates, by the advantage of our platform and extensive training, provides an extremely safe and empowering environment.


Our recommendation is that your organization explores the virtual alternative to training simply because if works. Virtual often stops a “sick” workplace narrative cold. While the topics of sexual harassment and gender parity may be uncomfortable, they are more essential than ever.

Workplace parity issues, diversity, gender harassment and bullying can be virtually addressed with positive reinforcement, ethically open and honest discussion and dynamic instruction. These issues are far too important to ignore and in fact, they have brought down entire organizations.



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