Renault Agrees to Sell Its Stake in a Russian Automaker The New York Times

Thanks to AvtoVAZ, Russia was Renault Group’s second-largest market behind Europe last year, with around half a million vehicles sold. Renault has funnelled billions of euros into the Soviet-era factory since the two automotive makers signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2008. The Renault diamond logo has been through many iterations.[280] To modernise its image, Renault asked Victor Vasarely to design its new logo in 1972. The design was later revised to reflect the more rounded lines of the brand’s new styling cues.[282] The current badge has been in use since 1992. Renault bought the Enstone-based team for the 2016 season, rebranding it Renault.[154][155] In 2021, the team was renamed Alpine F1 Team and became part of the new Alpine business unit, with Renault retained as the engine nameplate. In the seventies, Renault set up a dedicated motorsport division called Renault Sport, and, in 1978, won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Renault Alpine A442.

  1. This proved to be a winning differentiator and in the 1930s all cars changed to the Stella suffix from the previous two alpha character model identifiers.
  2. The Renault 5 entered its second generation in 1984 and continued to sell well.
  3. “Agreements were signed on the transfer of Russian assets of the Renault Group to the Russian Federation and the government of Moscow,” the industry and trade ministry said in a statement on Monday.
  4. The Renault diamond logo has been through many iterations.[280] To modernise its image, Renault asked Victor Vasarely to design its new logo in 1972.

The brothers recognised the value of publicity that participation in motor racing could generate for their vehicles. Renault made itself known through succeeding in the first city-to-city races held in Switzerland, producing rapid sales growth. Both Louis and Marcel raced company vehicles, but Marcel was killed in an accident during the 1903 Paris-Madrid race.[20] Although Louis never raced again, his company remained very involved, including Ferenc Szisz winning the first Grand Prix motor racing event[21] in a Renault AK 90CV in 1906. Renault has various joint ventures, including Oyak-Renault (Turkey) and Renault Pars (Iran). Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in March called on Renault and other French companies to quit Russia.

Exports to the US by 1928 had declined to near-zero from their high point prior to WWI. A Type NM 40CV Tourer had a US list price of over US$4,600 ($78,396 in 2022 dollars[32]), about the same as a Cadillac V-12, Packard Eight, Fiat 520, or Delahaye. Closed 7-seat limousines like the Renault Suprastella started at US$6,000 ($102,256 in 2022 dollars[32]).

The company’s compact and economical Renault 5 model, launched in January 1972,[53] was another success, anticipating the 1973 energy crisis.[29] Throughout the 1970s the R4, R5, R6, R12, R15, R16, and R17 maintained Renault’s production with new models including the Renault 18 and Renault 20. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said production of passenger cars at the Renault plant would resume under the Soviet-era Moskvich brand after the French automaker decided to close it. Both the Renault logo and its documentation (technical as well as commercial) historically used Renault MN, a custom typeface developed by British firm Wolff Olins. This type of family is said to have been designed mainly to save costs at a time where the use of typefaces was costly. In Japan, Renault was formerly licensed by Yanase Co, Japan’s premier seller of imported cars.

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This proved to be a winning differentiator and in the 1930s all cars changed to the Stella suffix from the previous two alpha character model identifiers. Renault introduced new models at the Paris Motor Show, which was held in September or October of the year. In the 1960s, an in-house computer-aided design (CAD) computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system called UNISURF was introduced, led by Pierre Bézier (who popularised Bézier curves and worked at Renault from 1933 until 1975). Eventually, Renault sold AMC to Chrysler in 1987 after the assassination of Renault’s chairman, Georges Besse by Action directe.[29] The Renault Medallion (Renault 21 in Europe) sedan and wagon was sold from 1987 until 1989 through Jeep-Eagle dealerships. A completely new full-sized 4-door sedan, the Eagle Premier, was developed during the partnership between AMC and Renault.

Closed car Renault bodies were often trimmed with interior woodwork by Rothschild. The deal also included Renault’s Moscow plant, Avtoframos, which makes Renault and Nissan models. Renault controlled 68 percent of AvtoVAZ, the largest carmaker in Russia with the country’s top brand Lada, but was under pressure to pull out of the country since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Renault Tech

The Premier design, as well as its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bramalea, Ontario, Canada, were the starting point for the sleek LH sedans such as the Eagle Vision and Chrysler 300M. The straight 8-cylinder Reinastella was introduced in 1929 and expanded to a range culminating in 1939 Suprastella. Coachbuilders included Kellner, Labourdette, J. Rothschild et Fils and Renault bodies.

Electric vehicles

Since 2008, Renault has displayed various all-electric car concepts under the name “Z.E.”, for zero emission, starting with a concept based on the Renault Kangoo Be Bop. Further concepts and announcements followed, with the production of the Fluence Z.E. The Dauphine sold well as the company expanded production and sales further abroad, including Africa and North America.[49] The Dauphine sold well initially in the US, although it subsequently became outdated against increased competition, including from the country’s nascent domestic compacts such as the Chevrolet Corvair. Renault also sold the Renault Caravelle roadster, which was called the Floride outside North America.

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However, as a result of Renault’s purchase of an interest in Nissan in 1999, Yanase cancelled its licensing contract with Renault in the spring of 2000, and Nissan took over as the sole licensee, hence sales of Renault vehicles in Japan were transferred from Yanase Store locations to Nissan Red Stage Store locations. Renault then launched two successful cars – the Renault 4 (1961–1992), a practical competitor for the likes of the Citroën 2CV, and the rear-engined Renault 8.[29] The larger Renault 10 followed the success of the R8, and was the last rear-engined Renault. The company achieved success with the more modern and more upmarket Renault 16, a pioneering hatchback launched in 1966, followed by the smaller Renault 6.

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Renault did not disclose the price, but a person with knowledge of the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details not made public, said the automaker was paid the symbolic sum of 1 ruble. I don’t think renault trade either Renault or Nissan would have been able to launch an EV alone successfully. But what you cannot have is an EV business system, from batteries to recycling to cars to infrastructure to negotiation, by being alone.

Renault introduced the turbo engine to Formula One when they debuted their first car, the Renault RS01 at Silverstone in 1977. The UK market was quite large and North America also received exports for the luxury car market. Lifted suspensions, enhanced cooling, and special bodies were common on vehicles sold abroad.

Renault partnered with AMC on other projects, such as a rotary concept engine in the late 1960s. Part of AMC’s overall strategy was to save manufacturing costs by using Renault’s parts and engineering expertise when practical. This led to the improvement of the venerable AMC inline six – a Renault/Bendix-based port electronic fuel injection system (usually called Renix) transformed it into a modern, competitive powerplant with a jump from 110 to 177 hp (82 to 132 kW) with less displacement (from 4.2 to 4.0 litres).

“de Grand Luxe Renaults”, those with a wheelbase over 12-foot (3.7 m), were produced in small numbers in two major types – six- and eight-cylinder. The 1927 six-cylinder Grand Renault models NM, PI and PZ introduced the new three spring rear suspension that considerably aided stability that was needed since some vehicles surpassed 90 mph (140 km/h). The Renault Vivasix, model PG1, was sold as the “executive sports” model beginning in 1927. Lighter weight factory steel bodies powered by a 3,180 cubic centimetre (cc) six-cylinder motor provided a formula that lasted until the Second World War. Under the agreement, Renault will sell its 68 percent stake in AvtoVAZ, Russia’s biggest carmaker, to a Moscow-based automotive research institute known as NAMI.

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