Billings, Bookings and Backlog: Whats the Difference?

We now have an official financial record and electronic trail of information. For Customer A, the $6 million was received upfront, however, the revenue is only “earned” (and recognized) one month at a time. Suppose a B2B SaaS company secured two multi-year contracts with two customers, which we’ll refer to as “Customer A” and “Customer B”. That means their billings will happen once per year, all at once, and they will appear only once in that month. Staying ahead in business requires not just strategic planning but also leveraging the right tools. When it comes to sales forecasting, the right software can make all the difference.

  • Billings, on the other hand, affect the balance sheet (deferred revenue, accounts receivable, and cash balance) and the income statement (recognizing revenue over a period of time).
  • It’s important to understand the steps in the process, so that you can speak the same language as your accounting and sales teams.
  • Scheduling DO is similar to ATP Scheduler DO but instead of by Parts, it will show you all of your open orders and you can filter by sales order, by order type, by customer.
  • Head here to dive deeper into the world of SaaS reporting and metrics analytics.
  • Whether it’s a one-year contract or a multi-year contract, we count only the first year of the software subscription.
  • Sales reports can provide a lot of information that can help you understand and optimize your sales processes.

A SaaS company’s total bookings represent the sum of all of the company’s existing contracts with its customers. As you can see, this gets complicated to track as the number of contracts increases. Many companies opt for revenue recognition automation software when they pass 20 customer or more. Regardless of when the payments for these orders will be received, they will be delivered on every month the contracts are active. Make sure to track start/end dates correctly and note when contracts will be rebilled to make sure they go out on time.

Backlog vs Bookings vs Billing: Why Track These Metrics

Most business leaders rely on outdated and inaccurate information, which leads to sub-optimal decision-making and poorer performance as a result. Having access to accurate, up-to-date business information is vital to the success of your business. Backlog DO will show the customer request date, and if there’s a commit date it will also show commit dates entered.

  • You’ll know how much money you can expect to come into your organization, and thus how much you can afford to spend, for example.
  • A constructive discussion with buyers about your revenues starts with some common terminology.
  • This may be due to a decrease in demand, a changing market, or problems with your suppliers.
  • We can use the information above to start calculating backlog, bookings and billings right away.
  • Beneath this discussion is something even more important than terminology.

If NewNew’s leadership team wants to understand the company’s backlog, accounting calculates the total value of any and all outstanding orders not yet fulfilled by NewNew. Using these pieces of information, you can better understand your sales reports, and you can gain insights into how to optimize your sales processes. Commonly, two additional elements are also considered when looking at the BBB metrics. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the definitions of booking vs billing vs backlog. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between booking vs billing vs backlog, and give you all the details you need to know.

Everything You Need To Master Financial Modeling

This gives them a head start and allows management to have a better understanding of what can be anticipated. Backlog is the total value of all outstanding orders that a company has yet to fulfill. In contrast, bookings refer to the total value of all new sales that a company has booked or contracted for over a certain period. Kevin Johnston writes for Ameriprise Financial, the Rutgers University MBA Program and Evan Carmichael. ’ Offers three different plans – Startup, Growth, and Enterprise, priced at $200, $500, and $1000 respectively. Here’s a sample dataset of their annual customer subscriptions.

Using Booking Vs Billing Vs Backlog For Business Success

For Customer B, the GAAP revenue is straightforward because the billings are already recorded in the period the revenue is earned, so $250,000 is recorded each month starting in February. In order to make the concept of bookings more intuitive, we’ll now calculate the company’s billing and GAAP revenue. Customers 1 and 3 pay monthly, so their monthly subscription fee appears every month in billings.

You’ll know how much money you can expect to come into your organization, and thus how much you can afford to spend, for example. Most higher-ups rely on inconsistent information and data that are not updated regularly enough. This leads to poor business decision-making and thus performance too. But, with BBB you’ll have a comprehensive view of your business.

Reporting Bookings, Billings, and Revenue

Study two to four fiscal quarters to begin building your revenue model. This can be over a certain time period, like a month or a full year. Simply put, billings are when you actually collect money from your customer. Another important aspect is converting bookings into recognized revenue. If your bookings are high and the revenues recognized are low, it’s time to audit the effectiveness of your sales process and product delivery. Or it could have been, but you’ve just been given the task of preparing a revenue report.

The Definitions Of Booking Vs Billing Vs Backlogs

For many years, SaaS accountants have been using Excel or Google Sheets to manually track revenue forecasts and metrics. In this case, NewNew’s current policy is to charge at the beginning of each month, 15-day net, so they receive each payment in the same month it is billed. Two clients once again, but this time they are larger deals, indicating an acceleration in sales momentum. Customer 2, on the other hand, has completed 2 months of a monthly subscription, so (if desired) they can cancel in month 3 and be finished.

Bookings Booking is an order that is entered in DemandOps and any update to it is the booking change. The best source of information for all things subscriptions, growth, and revenue success. Nupura Ughade is a dedicated B2B SaaS marketing professional and subscription industry enthusiast. With a focus on content marketing, Nupura excels at crafting persona-specific content journeys that drive results.

You can compare the request date versus the commit date that you’ve sent to the customer. Scheduling DO is similar to ATP Scheduler DO but instead of by Parts, it will show you all of your open orders and you can filter by sales order, by order type, by customer. This is a snapshot of just how different these metrics can be despite being here are 10 financial terms everyone should know related to each other. Various types of Bookings include New Bookings, Renewal Bookings, and Upgraded Bookings. However, it is also important to understand Annual Contract Value (ACV) Bookings, Total Contract Value (TCV) Bookings, and Non-Recurring Bookings. Be careful with contract language that may nullify a multi-year contract.

It also gives management and the executives an idea of what can be anticipated. The first benefit to sharing your data across your company is that your employees will get a 360° view of your business. They’ll no longer be solely focused on their department or area of expertise. Everyone will be able to interact and visualize the data, asking and answering business-critical questions quickly. Regardless of the actual tool they’re using, each department is probably doing it on their own, and only sharing the information with their immediate internal customers/departments. Sales may have an idea of the inventory numbers or delivery dates of the products, however Finance and Accounting may not.

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