Enhancing Sales and Management Strategies for Long-Term Success

Ryan Galik and Michael L Stahl

If you are excited, motivated, and ready to improve your sales success, then Jim Pancero has the powerhouse, leading-edge solutions you need to increase your competitive sales advantage. A leading go-to sales strategist for more than 30 years, Jim has been influencing, guiding, and inspiring sales professionals in more than 80 different industries to increase sales and market share.

Jim’s combination of humor, larger-than-life personality, outstanding research, and real-world examples that hit home provide even experienced sales pros who think they’ve heard it all with strategies and concepts that work! Your sales team will be charged up and ready to go…and your company, and customers will reap the rewards. Time with Jim is time well spent–watch your productivity and profitability soar!

Since founding his sales training and consulting company in 1982, Jim has conducted over 3,100 speeches, in-depth seminars, or consulting days for more than 600 companies in over 80 different industries. Jim has also been recognized by the National Speakers Association, having earned their CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and been inducted into their Speakers Hall of Fame.

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