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Are You “Good Enough as a Sales Manager to Get Better?”

How stable are your customers under your responsibility? How visible are you as a sales manager to your customers? If your sales rep left suddenly, would you be likely to keep their business? How much time are you spending in the Coaching Zone as a coach and leader of your sales team? How much of your team conversations are you able to stay Future Focused, Tactical, and Strategic? 

Success as the leader of a sales team today means you need to be more proactive in leading and coaching your team. One of the best ways to maintain your proactive coaching effectiveness is by learning how you can consistently stay in The Coaching Zone.

Learn leading-edge “business to business” sales management practices from America’s top sales management trainer on how to close the gap between potential and performance. Jim Pancero will teach you the most critical skills, processes, and stepped-structures of successful sales leadership. This course’s bottom-line focus is to increase an organization’s strategic competitive advantage and market uniqueness. The program includes 14 classes of 10 to 20 minutes of high-content video per class as well as student testing and detailed student action guide.

Key Takeaways


  • Engage critical awareness and understand the attitudes necessary for success as the leader of a sales team.
  • Learn the best steps, skills, and structures required to train, coach, and lead your sales team.
  • Gain the skills to help each unique salesperson on your team achieve more.
  • Build the most critical operational, tactical and strategic selling skills within your sales team
Ryan Galik and Michael L Stahl

Jim Pancero

Award-Winning Salesman, Strategist, Trainer, & Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker

Jim has been influencing, guiding, and inspiring sales professionals in more than 80 different industries to increase sales and market share. The leading-edged ideas Jim shares have been researched, validated, and fine-tuned. For over 30 years, he has been influencing and guiding top performers to sell higher-priced and/or competitively complex distribution materials, large equipment, and business services. Jim has conducted extensive work within the agricultural industry, including training over 3,500 John Deere dealer team members in the US and Canada.

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