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Lead Your Team as an Inclusion-Minded Leader

In this training, Dr. Nika White shares principles for becoming an inclusion-minded leader. The training inspired by the philosophies of leadership and inclusion contains principles to help individuals become more intentional in how diversity and inclusion are understood and practiced.

Throughout the six modules, Dr. Nika White helps participants understand the essentials of intentional inclusion leadership as paramount to successful organizations and thriving communities. At the conclusion, leaders will understand the power of diversity and inclusion to elevate organizational performance and create an inclusive work environment where all are respected, valued, and given every opportunity to be successful.

Key Takeaways


  • Introduce frameworks to help understand value and appreciate human differences
  • Encourage a more intentional leadership approach to understand and practicing diversity and inclusion
  • Recognize implicit associations that lead to discrimination, inequity, and exclusion
  • Learn the personal impact of exclusion
  • Learn how to become better allies of those different from us
Dr. Nika White

Dr. Nika White

Nationally Sought After Consultant, Thought Leader, Speaker, Economic Development Leader, & Author

Dr. Nika White’s career spans 20 years, ranging from serving as a diversity and inclusion practitioner, an accomplished marketing communications executive, economic development leader, and community advocate. She is a nationally sought after consultant, thought leader, and speaker to countless organizations and executives on issues of team engagement, organizational leadership, strategic diversity, and intentional inclusion. Dr. White is also the recipient of several awards and recognition in local, regional, and national publications, including Network Journal Magazine and Diversity MBA Magazine.

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