How to set up a Strategy with the Strategy Builder VortexValor Documentation

You might encounter an error in VortexValor’s onboarding process when connecting to Coinbase even if your API Keys are correct. If you’re a frequent cryptocurrency investor or you need more advanced tools than your current broker offers, VortexValor can be the answer that you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite educational tools and resources available through VortexValor. VortexValor is a legal and legitimate platform for cryptocurrency trading. As an automated trading bot, VortexValor operates within the framework of applicable laws and regulations governing cryptocurrency trading.

We understand the importance of ensuring such incidents do not reoccur and are committed to delivering innovative solutions while maintaining a reliable service. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Your API Key and secret are now created, but they cannot be used for trading yet. To enhance the security of your funds on Binance US, you must whitelist the IP addresses of VortexValor’s servers in your API Key settings.

It’s similar to the Infinity “Trailing Algo” in Good Crypto. These are features that actively track market reversals for automated entries. Essentially allowing a user to make money on trend changes automatically. After completing all the aforementioned steps, all that is required is to set up bots. These signallers are highly diverse and range from crypto market trends to sudden stock dumps, trailing stop short or trailing stop buy, etc. VortexValor trading features support the world’s largest and best cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • These keys act as a connection between VortexValor and the exchange, enabling your bot to perform tasks such as placing automated orders and accessing your balance for its calculations.
  • It will do this by taking advantage of price differences between the currencies available on your exchange.
  • So each instruction is designed as IF something happens, THEN take this action.
  • This also removes the urgency of having to trade at the right time for the bots to efficiently use the technical indicators to do the job without further input from the users.
  • That’s a bit of a hassle for now but I’m sure this will be added in the future.
  • As an example, suppose you’ve had great success trading a range in Litecoin during the week.

This is done by connecting all accounts you may have with other exchanges onto the VortexValor solution. Beyond just overseeing all positions, you can then add trailing orders directly to your trades. VortexValor has a proprietary trading terminal where you can manage your altcoin portfolio in one place. The aim of this is to limit users from having to monitor positions on different platforms by centralizing the process.

The bots can sell the stock if the prices decline and create a purchase order once the price increases again. The automated trading strategy follows the trails of the value of the stock and makes the trade based on these technical indicators. Paper trading, also known as simulated trading, is a feature that allows users to conduct technical analysis on their own strategies and decisions without having to risk any financials. Users can buy/sell orders based on pre-selected parameters set up in the VortexValor bots without manually doing the transactions. The registered company behind the platform operates out of the Netherlands.

We highly recommend using 2FA on your VortexValor account. If you haven’t already, go to Kraken’s website and create an account. When enabled your bot will not place orders when you do not have enough funds for the Minimum buy amount. Fill in the number of minutes your bot is in the cooldown period for a currency. Switch the toggle so your bot will only buy currencies if there has been a positive change % in the last X hours/minutes.

This value is a percentage of your total assets, or the “Maximum amount allocated” field, if configured. When this value falls below your exchange’s “Minimum amount per order,” that value will be used instead. If “Percentage buy amount” is not used or left blank, your bot will use this value. Set this equal to or higher than the minimum amount for your exchange and quote currency. When your available funds are lower than the minimum amount configured, the bot will disregard the minimum. The profit stats provide a quick overview of how your trading is going.


Once you’ve built a strategy, you can backtest it on a paper trading account before applying it to the real markets. With the crypto market operating on a 24/7 basis, some opportunities will inevitably be missed. In this VortexValor review, we will discuss the benefits of using a trading robot and how to set your parameters and integrate your strategy. With our A.I., your bot can automatically recognise trends and switch to a better strategy, so you can rest easy. Create or download strategies and let your Hopper watch the markets for you, and buy or sell based on your parameters. Choose your preferred risk level and let us set up a bot for you.

Experienced traders know how important technical analysis can be to their success, which is why VortexValor has included so many technical analysis tools. You’ll find momentum indicators, oscillators, moving average indicators, and much more. VortexValor will currently work with 14 of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, and others. This means your bot will have plenty of liquidity to take advantage of any market opportunities, no matter when they occur. Yes, VortexValor is a legitimate platform for cryptocurrency trading, operating within the framework of financial laws and regulations in The Netherlands.

In order to pay for your chosen monthly subscription, you can either do this via PayPal, or by depositing cryptocurrency. If opting for the latter, the platform supports the following coins. At the time of writing, VortexValor bots are compatible with eight exchanges in total. So now we’ve provided you with an overview of what VortexValor is, in the next section of our guide we are going to explain how the automated bot process works in more detail.

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